Ombak Issue One

Actions have consequences in this debut issue of Ombak.
Gathering the most talented authors from Southeast Asia.
Allison Thai, Nidhi Singh, Meihan Boey, and Joel Donato Jacob brings us into worlds of the strange and the weird.
May it be using nature for revenge, or the allure of whispers by germs. We guarantee that you'll never see it coming.

Ombak Issue #1
Ombak Issue #2

Ombak Issue Two

Ombak embarks on another issue sifting through the legacy tales of the strange, peculiar, and unforgettable.

Bringing in Ted Mahsun, Sigrid Marianne Gayangos, Anya Ow, Christina Yin, and Sobia Ali, we explore the aftermath of ended stories, and what happens to those that remain behind?

Some become urban legends. Others seek heart in illusions. And those rare few will continue their search for a dream long past.

Ombak Issue Three

Everyone knows you can only live once. Right? Grab your brain preservation jars and let our authors at Ombak show you more than one way to cheat death.

Featured authors Brian Low, Kim-Dan Doan, Joseph Anthony Montecillo, and Brie Atienza bring you four of the strangest stories of death and rebirths that will excite, chill, and shock you all the same.

Perhaps within this collection one can find the secret to defeat entropy, or will this foray lead to devil’s dealings best left uncovered?

Ombak Issue #3